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Increasing Cross-Sales

The Director of Agency Distribution for a leading Property and Casualty company wanted to help its agents identify additional needs and cross-sale opportunities. They were attempting to do this by increasing the frequency of use for their proprietary client questionnaire.

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Improving Training and Licensing

A President and CEO of a major property and casualty insurer wanted to improve sales. His goal was to increase sales of variable life, annuities and other regulated products. He sought to do this by increasing the number of agents with their securities license. Yet, despite two years of effort, they were not meeting their goals.

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Streamlining Compliance

It was a Broker Dealer’s worst nightmare... A local District Attorney charged one of their most successful Registered Representatives for misleading practices. Though acquitted, the suit tainted the firm’s reputation and highlighted short comings in its compliance processes. The Director of Compliance had to make improvements fast.

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Automating Planning Processes

A CIO for a broker dealer saw an opportunity to drive millions of dollars of additional sales by developing a robust data-mining architecture to help representatives identify and close cross-sale opportunities among existing clients. What was missing was an efficient process for collecting the data, analyzing needs and delivering results.

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Supporting Recruiting Initiatives

The President of a Broker Dealer was frustrated by their difficulty recruiting representatives from larger competitors and was failing to meet its recruiting and AUM goals. The BD offered competitive products and commissions, so that wasn’t the problem. What more could the President do to turn the company around?

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Raising Usage and Adoption

Three challenges were frustrating this company’s Vice President of Field Technology: (1) the very high cost of licensing a popular financial planning application; (2) very low usage and adoption by agents; and (3) provider charges for technical support and training on top of their high-priced license fees.

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Streamlining and Simplifying Workflows

The Director of Financial Planning for this national life insurance company was at her wits end. The company invested significantly in licensing the best technology and financial planning tools. Yet, usage of all tools was below expectations. Worse, advisors and agents complained about the lack of support from the home office.

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