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(Plus, doing a better job for your clients!)

From the office of the CEO
Ken Kerr

Dear Financial Professional,

There really is a simple secret to capturing larger deals and increasing your closing ratio - while doing a better job for your clients and prospects.

The problem is that (until now) it’s been a practical impossibility.

Here’s the simple secret…

For every prospect, prepare a fully customized presentation including:

  • A personalized financial plan
  • Educational concepts and explanations
  • Motivating calculators highlighting needs
  • Professionally written materials (in an easy to understand format)
  • Have the presentation beautifully designed
  • And of course, have it compliance approved

Do anything less, and you’re leaving money on the table and putting the opportunity at risk.

Think about it this way: You’ve worked hard to get that first appointment or referral. Now it’s time to be your best.

That’s where Advisys comes in.

Since 1979 we’ve been helping financial professionals be their best when it matters most: when they’re face to face with their clients and prospects.

From your first appointment to analyzing needs, preparing a financial plan and presenting solutions. Only Advisys does it all.

The best client education and presentation materials combined with financial planning tools that quickly produce trustworthy results. All in one compliant, customizable solution.

You really owe it to yourself to try it.


Ken Kerr

Close 60% Larger Cases
in a Fraction of the Time

In fact, a study by LIMRA shows that financial professionals who complete a fact-finder with each prospect will close 60% larger cases on average.

That’s HUGE. What would 60% larger cases and commissions mean to your business?

For most it would give a major boost to their income. So what’s stopping anyone from using a fact finder and preparing a financial plan for their clients?

The truth is, it’s virtually impossible to do and make money too unless you’re working with the wealthiest clients - and only then if you have plenty of time for preparation.

Just look at the barriers you have to overcome...

Here’s what’s stopping you from
closing larger sales - faster...

  1. Most financial planning applications are created only for high-end, affluent clients.

    That means they are comprehensive and exhaustive. They often require supplementary tax and investment statements from the client. They take the client a long time to complete. They take you even longer to input data, analyze and create a plan. Around eight hours isn’t uncommon.

    That’s great for multi-million-dollar opportunities. It’s overkill for everyone else.

    Even worse, this exhaustive approach to planning often leaves the typical client (with simple, needs-based goals) highly frustrated with both the process AND YOU.

    So in most cases, you just spent hours of hard work in meetings and creating a plan only to end up frustrating a potential client.

  2. This process requires you to buy, learn and master many different software programs.

    But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before you can even begin using a fact finder to prepare a financial plan, you have to earn the prospect’s trust. This usually means you meet and talk – often many times – before a prospect is comfortable sharing personal financial information.

    So how do you prepare for those meetings? A typical financial planning program does just that: it lets you create a financial plan. Nothing more.

    Then you wind up buying other software programs to help you prospect and prepare for client meetings.

    Three problems with that…

    1. It’s costing you yet more time.
    2. Everything from different programs looks different too; it creates a visual grab bag of materials that, frankly, look unprofessional.
    3. It costs you more money to buy and maintain all those different programs.

    Most professionals finally get so overwhelmed by the cost and time it takes to learn all of these different programs that they just give up. Their favorite presentation tool becomes a yellow pad.

    It just seems easier to leave money on the table and put the opportunity at risk. They meant to do better but threw in the towel. Who can blame them?

  3. That brings us to the biggest barrier: compliance.

    The penalties for non-compliance are severe. So companies must enforce strict compliance policies. But these policies create an incredible barrier to the financial professional.

    Compared to almost any other industry, it’s virtually impossible for you to create even the most basic presentation and educational materials. Let alone follow-up and nurture existing clients.

    First, there’s the time, effort and expense of creating the materials. Then there is the time delay for compliance to look it over, then there is the back and forth with compliance on edits.

    In all but a few cases with very long preparation time, financial professionals have difficulty getting through compliance in time to meet with clients.



Now, imagine none of those
barriers existed for you…

In just 15 minutes or less you could
generate a customized presentation
and materials for each client...

Compliance Pre-Approved.

Imagine the impact on your business and life if (in just 15 minutes or less) you could sit down and choose custom tailored fact-finders that matched your clients and prospects’ goals-based needs. They only take a few minutes for the client to fill out and for you to input the data to create a plan.

Imagine being able to select a simple, motivating calculator that easily explains an important concept or quickly overcomes a prospect’s objection.

Imagine quickly assembling and printing out full color, professionally written presentations —that already complied with FINRA guidelines and met your company compliance standards. So, there is ZERO compliance process.

Your presentation would be custom tailored to client needs. It would end client frustration with exhaustive fact-finders.

If all that were possible you would…

  • Instantly look more professional than your competitors.
  • Close bigger cases and earn higher commissions (according
    to LIMRA)
  • Close cases faster
  • Easily protect and strengthen existing client relationships
  • Capture more cross-sell opportunities
  • Get more referrals
  • Save dozens of hours a month
  • And enjoy your work more…

On top of it all, you’d be doing a better job servicing your clients.

But isn’t all that just wishful thinking?

No, that’s the Advisys difference!


With Advisys you can
now do in minutes
what used to take hours.

Not only can you slash the hours it takes to make a truly professional impression, but you can deliver unprecedented customization to prospects and clients.

With Advisys, everything you need is in one place.

  • Concept pieces on financial products and planning strategies to educate clients, answer questions and overcome objections
  • Quick and easy financial calculators to answer questions and motivate action
  • Goals-based financial planning to drill down on client needs and provide answers
  • All Compliance pre-approved with FINRA - No more compliance delays
  • All professionally designed and written

Advisys puts over 600 illustrated reports, 11 goals-based modules, and over 50 motivating calculators at your finger tips.

This lets you prepare custom tailored presentations in minutes.

You have unprecedented flexibility to prepare for client meetings the way you feel best. You can choose as few or as many concepts as you desire. You assemble them in any order you believe best. You are in control.

And you can be confident because Advisys has a proven 30 year track record working with over 40,000 users and major financial services companies.

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