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Advisys Mobile: for an Interactive Client Experience

Powerful client conversations start with Advisys Mobile for your iPad. Make an amazing professional impression wherever your client meetings take place.

  • Engaging Interactive Calculators
  • Educational and Presentation Pieces
  • Fact-Finders to Collect, Upload Data
  • Create Custom Digital Presentations
  • Yellow Pad to Record Meeting Notes
  • Works Without an Internet Connection

Powerful Conversations Start Here

Today, face-to-face meetings with clients and prospects can take place anywhere. Advisys Mobile is for professionals who want to make a powerful impression wherever the conversation might be.

With Advisys Mobile for your iPad, you can answer client's questions, handle objections, gather data and create powerful conversations… all with or without an internet connection.

Advisys Mobile is packed with powerful mobile features. Assemble concept pieces and calculators to create a captivating client presentation. Use Fast Facts to instantly recall important information such as contribution limits or tax rates. The yellow pad feature lets you record, save and recall notes from your conversation.

Pick from dozens of calculators and educational pieces on topics like retirement, life insurance, long-term care, investments and others to create your own, custom digital presentations in just minutes.

For example, use the calculator, Length of Time a Sum Will Last, to show clients their retirement savings may not last as long as they think. Add educational pieces like The Need for Retirement Planning, Social Security Retirement Benefits and Asset Allocation to direct the conversation.

Or, use the Debit, Income, Mortgage, Expenses (DIME) calculator to illustrate the life insurance need. Add educational pieces like The Need for Responsible Planning, General Purposes of Life Insurance and Types of Life Insurance Policies.

Save the results of your meeting as a PDF that you can email your client afterwards as a follow up.

Advisys Mobile also helps every client meeting close with a call to action using its powerful Mobile Fact Finder feature. In minutes, you can collect and upload the data you need to create a goals-based financial plan on retirement, survivor needs, LTC, and others. When you arrive at your home or office, open Advisys and start creating your plan right away, without having to reenter the data.


We’re so confident that you’ll earn the subscription price back within weeks of purchasing that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee, the best in the industry.

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Advisys Mobile is compatible with Apple iPad only and requires a download from the App Store.


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$199/ year

Advisys Mobile

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