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Advisys On Demand: For Busy Professionals

For those who don’t have time to input data or create financial plans let Advisys create client presentations and financial plans for you for just $50 per plan.

  • 11 Goals-Based Planning Modules
  • 600+ Client Presentation Pieces
  • 70+ Financial Concept Calculators
  • Fact Finders are 4 Pages or Less
  • Brand with Your Photo, Logo
  • Materials Meet FINRA Guidelines

We’ll Do Your Plans and Presentations for You

For busy financial professionals or for those who don’t believe they have the demand to justify an annual license fee, Advisys On Demand was created for you. It helps you make the most of every opportunity you create by using Advisys staff to produce your financial plans and client presentations for you.

You pay a low, one-time setup fee to add your photo, logo and personal page to your presentations. After that, you pay per plan to have an Advisys representative create your financial plans and client presentations for you using the Advisys solution.

Advisys is the best financial planning and insurance sales solution for professionals. With Advisys’ goals-based planning modules you can create retirement plans, analyze life insurance needs, produce college funding plans, conduct investor risk analysis and develop asset allocation models. You can create plans covering disability insurance, LTC, estate planning, business continuation and charitable planning as well.

Using a two or four-page fact finder, you can complete your fact-finding interview in 15 minutes or less. After, simply fax or scan and email us your completed fact finder and schedule your 30-minute call using our convenient online service.

Highly trained and knowledgeable Advisys staff will be your guide as together we select from hundreds of client education, concept and presentation pieces to assemble a financial plan or client presentation to your specifications. After the call, we email your presentation to you in a PDF to share with your client.

Advisys On Demand is the easiest, most cost-effective approach to adding the benefits of professional financial planning to your practice. Plus, the cost is completely under your control. For a more professional image and a more effective Advisys On Demand experience, consider licensing Advisys Mobile and collect your fact finder data electronically and submit it safely to the cloud after your client meeting.


We’re so confident that you’ll earn the subscription price back within weeks of purchasing that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee, the best in the industry.

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We’re happy to answer your questions, conduct a demonstration or arrange for a free trial.


Personal access to trained and knowledgeable Advisys staff to help you assemble your plans and presentations.


Use any of the financial planning modules, client education materials and calculators in Advisys.


Advisys and Advisys On Demand are approved by leading broker dealers. Call toll-free for details.


Advisys Mobile is compatible with Apple iPad only and requires a download from the App Store.

$50 / plan

Advisys On Demand

  • *After a one-time set up fee of $199.
  • Subscription to Advisys Mobile at additional charge.

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